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[ Guillaume Laforge ] [ 91 clicks ] - 9 hours 6 minutes ago
RebelLabs launched an annual study and awards to select 10 "kick-ass" technologies that developers love, and both Gradle and Groovy were among the winners! You can learn more about this "kick-ass...
InfoQ Personalized Feed for Marco Cicolini [ 131 clicks ] - 12 hours 33 minutes ago
Oracle's latest update to Java, 8 update 11, introduced a breaking change that has affected a range of third-party tools, including JRebel, Groovy and Google's Guice library. By Ben Evans
[ Guillaume Laforge ] [ 423 clicks ] - 2 days 15 hours 57 minutes ago
Live from GR8Conf US 2014, in Minneapolis, MN, USA! The code samples and slides of presentations are already flowing and are listed below in the presentations section. Lots of great content and talks ...
Object Partners Inc » Blog [ 343 clicks ] - 2 days 16 hours 16 minutes ago
A static site generator is software that translates content from a text format into HTML and creates consistant look and feel across all the pages. These HTML pages can be copied to any basic webserve...
Ryan's Blog [ 128 clicks ] - 2 days 22 hours 13 minutes ago
I've recently given a workshop for Lego Workshop at and this year showing how to integrate Groovy and Mindstorms together. I have slides available here, however they don't have a...
InfoQ Personalized Feed for Marco Cicolini [ 250 clicks ] - 3 days 8 hours 23 minutes ago
ElasticSearch 1.3.0 has been released. Based on Lucene 4.9, it comes with better aggregation features, some security and scripting improvements, several index performance improvements and more. By Ro...
Grails Diary [ 458 clicks ] - 3 days 21 hours 7 minutes ago
This weeks Diary comes from Denmark, while the GR8conf US is currently taking place in Minneapolis. I could not attend, but will instead make the trip abroad for SpringOne 2GX this September. Have ...
/dev/Kico [ 209 clicks ] - 4 days 10 hours 3 minutes ago
Links da semana Como cai no Groovy e mergulhei no Grails: descrevo o in��cio da minha trajet��ria com Groovy e a origem do Grails Brasil – 10 tecnologias qu...
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