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Grails - WebDeveloepr Oakridge Staffing | ...
I’ve really enjoyed working in the Grails ecosystem. There are a variety of reasons of which I won’t write in this post. I am going to focus on one and that is the plugin system. Plugins provide a gre...

Groovy Weekly #42 [ Guillaume Laforge ]

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Isn’t it a mythical number? The 42nd edition of Groovy Weekly! Will we get the answer to life the universe and everything?At least, we have a nice list of releases, this week, in particular with Grail...

Spocklight Notebook is Published Messages from mrhaki

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Today Spocklight Notebook is published as a free book. This book is an electronic publication with all Spocklight blog posts about the Spock framework bundled.The book is published at Leanpub and is a...

Grails Diary - Week 43 in 2014 Grails Diary

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Burt Beckwith pointed to a cute feature: The Upstream Tracker. Check out all the changes for each Grails version. Not that power-rankings are useful for much, it is still a pleasure to see Groo...
This series was born out of my frustration with Grails. But, instead of making it a comprehensive criticism of the framework, I have decided to focus on a few GORM and Hibernate issues. I had several ...

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